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From marine algae, seaweed fiber was extracted from the material preparation, is non-toxic and harmless, pure natural green biodegradable material, can be widely used in textile, clothing, medical and health fields; break the traditional machining process, hemp fiber quality and poor development of the world's problems, with moisture absorption, antibacterial, anti radiation and other characteristics of the series of hemp fiber products, made of hemp "natural fiber king" title even more shine......

In June 19th, the fourth session of the ten Chinese textile science news release and docking of scientific and technological achievements will be held in Quanzhou Jinjiang, "three-dimensional textile reinforced material power of 'eleven gods'" flying "for the first time with seaweed fiber textile and clothing to realize the automation of large-scale production of" high quality of hemp fiber and textile benefits "and" national production of 15 thousand tons of Lyocell all through the fiber project. More than twenty year's most valuable industry important scientific and technological achievements, docking and industrial interaction.

At the scene, "green manufacturing", "energy saving, environmental protection" and so on, are becoming the textile industry keywords. "Seaweed fiber, derived from the ocean, is inexhaustible." Qiingdao University Wang Bingbing marine fiber new material institute said, from seaweed fibres Qiingdao University, Wuhan Textile University, Qingdao Kangtong marine Fiber Co. Ltd. joint research "preparation of industrialization technology and equipment" project, the first in the world to achieve the automation of textile clothing for large-scale production of seaweed fiber, breaking the foreign enterprise technology monopoly in the field of medicine seaweed fiber. At present, the project has developed seaweed fiber high quality, high efficiency, environmental protection complete sets of technology and equipment, developed home textiles, medical textiles and other dozens of algae fiber terminal products.

"To avoid foreign applications in China hundreds of patents, but also in terms of technical and economic competitiveness." Green fiber center China Textile Science Research Institute deputy director Chi Kedong said, the hospital after 18 years of research, completed the first domestic national production of an annual output of Lyocell production line of 15 thousand tons of construction, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology, is an important breakthrough in China's bio based fiber field of "green manufacturing" of industrialization, and it is also one of the Chinese textile industry by to change the important sign of strong.

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