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Digital printing is a combination of technology and art, digital printing technology will lead the trend of future product development. Digital ink jet printing technology speeds up the change of traditional printing industry and provides technical means for producing high quality and high added value textile printing. The continuous improvement of digital printing technology has brought a brand new concept to the textile printing industry, and its advanced production principles and methods have brought unprecedented opportunities for the textile printing industry. In addition, with the gradual promotion of digital printing, speed increasing, consumables costs continue to decline, the popularity of digital printing products will become increasingly high, digital printing will become the inevitable trend of the future development of printing industry.

international market

The international market, the global textile printing production of about 27 billion meters, about 500 million meters of digital printing, printing accounted for 1.8% of the total production, ownership of various types of digital printing machine of approximately 5000 units, mainly in europe.

Europe is the largest demand and production place of digital printing products. Digital printing has penetrated into various fields such as design, clothing, home textile, automobile decoration, advertisement, personalized customization, shop and so on. Data show that in 2012 the global printing industry annual output of about 30 billion meters, the annual output value of about $165 billion, the average annual growth rate of about 1-2%, according to SmithersPira Research Report "the latest digital printing digital printing 2017 outlook", from 2009 to 2012, at an annual rate of 23% growth, and the future trend of accelerated development. Digital printing develops fastest in Europe, and digital printing output in 2013 has accounted for 40% of the total annual printing output.

domestic market

The domestic market, China has the world's largest printing industry, according to statistics, in 2009 China's above scale enterprises printing output is 10 billion meters, accounting for l/3, but the yield of digital printing in China is only about 40 million meters, quantity of various types of digital printing machine is close to 400, overall, and China as a superpower, not printing industry.

The British WTIN group strategy Digitalprinting market information department senior manager Ms. DionysiaPatrinou said: it is estimated that from 2014 to 2019, Chinese digital printing production can be achieved in the 150% growth rate in 2019 can reach 7.2% of the market share. In addition, DaveYoung, vice president of MS group, said it expects that the annual growth rate of digital textile printing output will exceed 16% in the next five years.

Digital printing equipment

At present, China has many enterprises in the production and sale of digital printing equipment, in addition to some enterprises in the same foreign agents. Among them, the Hangzhou, Honghua, Digital Corporation as the representative of domestic enterprises accounted for more than 80% of the domestic market share, Guangdong hope hi tech has also launched Single-Pass high-speed digital printing machine, and delivered to customers.

There is also a kind of digital printing equipment which is mainly used in carpet and other thick fabric. The world is mainly developed by Austria Zimmer and Honghua Digital Corporation. This digital jet printing equipment is large and expensive, and its production and sales have maintained relatively steady growth. Before 2007 is mainly Austria Zimmer in the world, with the 2007 Honghua Digital Corporation launched the first domestic carpet jet printing equipment, with its good price quickly occupied most of the domestic market share.

In short, the textile digital ink jet printing for printing production share is growing year by year, with short process production and growth of instant delivery requirements, digital ink-jet printing provides the most economical solution, this technology will become the main stream of the world textile printing production technology.

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